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Watch BRAINROT on YouTube

Our first feature film, BRAINROT, is available to watch right now on YouTube! Almost a year after we completed the movie and had the first viewing of the rough cut, here it is, in it's entirety.

It has definitely been an interesting journey from completion of the movie to now. On July 22, 2022, I screened the first cut of the movie to my closest friends, with subsequent showings after as I honed the edit for festival submissions. Months of waiting lead to no surprise when none of the festivals picked it up. At which point I reached out to screen the film locally, just so some people would watch it before it inevitably fades into the ether. People saw it, and it felt great. Doesn't matter whether they liked it or not, having a 10+ year old dream come true was life changing. Make a feature and show people.

I definitely learned some things about releasing a no-budget movie with a homegrown, no-budget marketing campaign. Not being ever-present in social media meant that I had to create and maintain an online presence. This was unpleasant. I am fully aware that being active online, creating and engaging current and potential audience members is the way things work now, but I did not enjoy begging people to watch the movie. I am not built for self-promotion and that is absolutely a me problem. This will be my largest obstacle with every project moving forward.

As far as releasing it on YouTube, very clearly it's not the most flashy or desirable platform to release it on, but I just want people to watch it. No matter the platform, viewership is always going to be difficult to obtain, but I just wanted it up and ready to watch for those who might be interested. I didn't want to wait for a the long wait of a streaming platform to possibly put it up. I just click upload on YouTube and it's there.

I am definitely excited for the future. And I am very appreciative to everyone who helped make this movie a real, quasi-tangible thing.

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