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Time to Go Pictures began as Quasar Pictures when I started taking film more seriously just after high school. My filmmaking journey began with a video project for Latin class in a pass/fail situation. Over the years I've made a bunch of stuff with old friends, new friends I've met along the way and individuals I will never work with again. I wouldn't have it any other way. We've made a bunch of short films, a show and a movie (finally). There is much more on the way.

The Crew


Marshall Scott

Writer, director, cinematographer, editor, absolute control freak to a fault. I was lucky enough to have a couple supportive friends to be in my stuff when I started shooting short films and sketches almost 13 years ago. Started out wanting to be a screenwriter, but then started learning how to do everything required to make something when I realized that Nowhere, West Virginia wasn't the place to have any kind of dream really. Ended up falling in love with every aspect of filmmaking (especially editing) and have now doomed myself to a life of prioritizing film and working meaningless jobs to support that.

Screenshot 2022-08-28 152434.png

JD Dalton

Certifiable best friend, talented actor, writer, and filmmaker in his own right, the stars aligned when I met JD. After being in my short film "Over Due" many years ago, as a man beaten and bruised tied up in a closet, not only did I meet a best friend for life, but I met my leading man. Absolutely stellar with every acting challenge I throw his way, JD can do it all. I kill him in most everything he's in, both to keep the gag running and because he has the chops to make everything believable. I'll grow old with this man.

Screenshot 2022-08-28 152551.png

Emily Murray

My leading lady both in film and in real life. Emily is one of the smartest and funniest individuals I've ever met. Her timing and cleverness is unmatched. Most of the notes in my phone are things Emily has said that I ask if I can use. Whenever I need to punch something up, she is who I turn to. Her eye for interior design and aesthetic has not only lent itself to the most beautifully constructed sets I've ever used, but her understanding of comedy, visuals and timing helps clean up my edits so that everything flows much better.

Screenshot 2022-08-28 152402.png

J. Karter Stroud

Meeting John was one of the most important moments of my life. Through many different mediums, he had already been a filmmaker years before I had started. Upon meeting him, my world changed. Not only is he a great guy in film and in real life, he's a jack of all trades, but without the negative connotation. I need help with story structure, call John. Need a prop built, call John. Need help with anything in real life, call John. If ever I've had a film instructor, it's John. All of the reasons you'd call Ghostbusters, I call John.

Screenshot 2022-08-28 152717.png

Wes Skaggs

Easily the most effortless performer of the bunch. Wes brings life to the dull words I provide to him. Any time I ask someone to do something, they say yes, but when I say they're opposite of Wes, they get so much more excited. Wes has the ability to make anything funny and ensure that everyone in the room watching, or performing has an infinitely better time. Wes is the deadly combination of funny and charming and I am fortunate enough to be able to record that. I love him. So does everyone else.

Screenshot 2022-08-30 133814.png

Veronica Stanley

The OG collaborator and friend. Veronica was kind enough to indulge my filmmaking dreams when I was starting out. Veronica is kind, funny, and smarter than every single one of you, though I'm sure she'd humbly disagree. There's a nuance to every one of her performances that elevates the words on the page. Being my proverbial straight-man, there is no one else that can say more with a single glare. She was in the first thing I ever shot, and she will be in the very last (I will die first because she takes care of herself).

Screenshot 2022-08-30 140315.png

Kati Murphy

I've known Kati pretty much my entire life. She has always been one of my biggest supporters. In every role she has played, there's a naturalistic element that comes across. It seems like she's really doing whatever is on screen. I understand that's the point of acting, but she is able to control and utilize emotion in a way that makes my overwritten and unrealistic dialogue seem like someone actually said it. She is always wanting to help out in any way, always excited to be there. Everyone is always excited she is there.

For better or worse, filmmaking has taken over my life. I don't hang out or socialize like I used to. So when I shoot, that's the only time I really hang out with anyone. That's why I choose to shoot with my very best friends, people who I enjoy being around, and those who I like to spend my time with. I love these people. In the future, I anticipate this page getting longer, with more names and faces being added so that I can sing them praises that they might dismiss if I said it in person around other people. These are the people I want to know for the rest of my life.

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