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     A sketch comedy series that acts smarter than it actually is. Designed to repeatedly show you something unexpected one segment after another. A narrative begins to weave itself leading up to the finale, which holds major implication for the world it is setting up. This acts as the precursor to our first feature BRAINROT.

     Made this with friends who were kind enough to lend their time and talent. This show acted as my film school. As a viewer, it is obvious that I started to understand what I was doing as the show progresses. It's fun to watch and I recommend it, not simply because I made it.

featuring the talents of

Emily Murray

JD Dalton

J. Karter Stroud

Wes Skaggs

Veronica Stanley

Ben Tappan

Kati Murphy

Gavin Thompson

Ingrid Olson

Rebecca Fitzgerald

Liz Northcote

Nick Griffith

Toby Poole

Kyle Kelley

David Smith

Jacob Smith

Jacob Lambert

and more...

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