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The Classics

I think it is important to show growth. It provides those not involved in the process perspective and it provides those who were involved a bit of nostalgia. These are the works (that I can find so far) that got us at Time to Go where we are today. There's a bunch of bad audio to wade around in, but if you can look past the technical "we're figuring this out", these are very fun.

It can be fun to look back. Sometimes it's difficult. Whether it's because of mistakes that were made or because of knowledge not yet obtained. Everyone lives in the past to some degree, and what's interesting to me, is that with having made short films throughout different stages of my life, these act as little time capsules. For obvious reasons of remembering a fun shoot, but also because I have a little window of time where the period in which they were shot where I can remember "the good ol' days."

By this logic, even when there were difficult times in my life, which happens more often than not (as cognitive memory suggests), I can watch what we've made and look at difficult times in my life replaced with pockets of those better memories. Theoretically, this will continue in the future so that when I look back at these when I'm 80 and look back at decades of a good time.

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