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BRAINROT VHS Tape (Static Snow Edition) + Digital Version

BRAINROT VHS Tape (Static Snow Edition) + Digital Version


Enjoy BRAINROT on beautiful, new-old-stock VHS with this special Black & White edition. With every purchase, I will also email a link to download a digital copy because that's more realistic for people to watch nowadays.


The painstaking process of putting a digital file on a VHS tape was well worth it. The image is soft and noisy in all the right ways. The tapes utilized for this transfer were sealed, blank tapes. I ripped off the cellophane to inhale the wonderful smell of plastic and cardboard.


The insert was designed by yours truly, as was the sticker label on the tape itself. I am very proud of the work put in to achieve the style that would fit into any VHS library, or act as a statement piece sitting front facing.


If you are local, I can hand deliver. Just email or DM @timetogoing on Instagram.

Only 4 left in stock
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