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Our First Music Video Will Premiere at Foundry!

On Oct. 13, 2022, our first music video "Etherium | What the Light Brings - It Peers From Beyond" will premiere at the Foundry Theater Horror Shorts Festival. Foundry Theater is a Huntington based outfit founded by Rachel Allinder and Nate Cesco (another Huntington filmmaker, works can be found HERE). Foundry is a live performance venue operating out of The Jean Carlo Stephenson Auditorium in Huntington, WV city hall. They specialize in showcasing artists in the greater Appalachian region. For information on their past and upcoming events, check out their WEBSITE.

The only time I've been to The Jean Carlo Stephenson Theater was to see a community theater production of Sweeney Todd, about a decade before Foundry took a hold of the reigns. It is always exciting to watch anything you've made on a big screen, but it's different when get the opportunity to see it in a true theater setting. Not saying that I'm unappreciative watching on a big screen with the modernized stadium seating, but all of my fondest memories going to the theater as a child were at these classic theaters.

The music video that is going to be showing is the first part of a visual album by Etherium, from the album "What the Light Brings." All of this is arbitrary however, because it's barely real music and I'm not a real musician. This is all just an excuse for me to make tonal noise and then tell a story through vague abstraction. I do have fun with it all, so I thought I'd make something a little more expanded with the scoring side of what I do as a fun project. Something that I can do solely by myself without having to worry about the schedules of others.

A man takes a mysterious tab of acid that sends him in a downward spiral. He encounters a celestial being, the creator of our existence, The Consciousness. It takes control of his mind and body to escape the astral plane and explore its creation, our physical world. The mythology of this is based on a book I started to write, but never finished because I hit a road block. I knew where to go, I just didn't know how to write it intelligibly. I've used that narrative's framework as the back drop to most everything I've done, but this is the most direct representation of the book I will never finish.

Be sure to check this out at Foundry (I say as I write to nobody except for myself), because it will not be posted online until it is all finished.

Foundry Theater

Oct. 13, 2022 at 6:30pm

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