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Our New Show is Premiering at Localization!

On Oct. 15, 2022, an episode of our new show "Pick-Up or Delivery" will premiere during The Localization Film Festival. Localization is a Huntington, WV based pop up show that features artists of many trades throughout the tri-state area (WV, OH, KY). A couple years running, they have established themselves as a hub for the promotion and consumption of the regions many counter cultures.

I have never attended. Not due to disinterest, but even before the world ended, I didn't get out much. Attending as a patron and a participant for the first time, rolled up into one, is exciting. It will be nice to make a day out of the event since there will be music, art, crafters and vendors, on top of the film festival. Being October, it should also feel exceptional outside, which makes everything that much better.

The show that we're premiering is called "Pick-Up or Delivery." The episode screened will not be the first episode in the series, it is simply the first episode that we've shot. I plan to make 8 episode over the next year or so, as I work on a couple other things that will remain unknown for the time being.

It is a slice of life story about a couple of roommates who are also drug dealers. The focus is very intentionally not on the drug dealing aspect. Not necessarily because I have a particular stance on anything, but only because I am using that idea as a narratively believable reason to have a revolving door of characters, while maintaining a core group of "main characters."

It stars Kati Murphy as Montana, Emily Murray as Samwise, and JD Dalton as Bookworm. None of the episodes will be put online until the whole season is finished, so come to Localization to check it, as well as the other films and artists out. Click for more details.


Oct. 15, 2022 at 5pm

1040 Vernon St Huntington, WV 25704 United States

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